Letswave 4 - Updates

bugfix in module "Arithmetic operations using a constant"

31/05/2011 08:00

Fixed a bug that affected the results obtained using the "Divide A/B" option.

new module : interpolate bad or missing channels

24/05/2011 09:04

The module can be used to "reconstruct" a bad channel using neighbouring electrodes. 

Select the channel to replace using the left listbox. 
Select the channels that should be used to reconstruct the "bad channel". 
The reconstruction is performed by averaging the signals recorded at the different channels selected for reconstruction. 

bugfix affecting ICA modules

24/05/2011 08:10

Fixed a bug affecting the ICA modules. 
In very rare instances, an overflow could occur, leading to mistakes when applying the mixing/unmixing matrices

new module : Glance through all data

23/05/2011 09:05

This module allows you to "glance", within a single figure, at all the data contained within a given dataset, across all channels and epochs. 

The module is very useful to identify misbehaving channels, or artefacted epochs. 

The module generates a color matrix as follows. 
- epochs are displayed on the x-axis 
- channels are displayed on the y-axis 
- each pixel of the 2D matrix (epochs x channels) represents the absolute maximum of the amplitude at x=epoch and y=channel. 

Noisy channels (i.e. channels with abnormally high amplitude values) will appear as a horizontal line within the matrix. 
Artefacted epochs (i.e. epochs with abnormally high absolute amplitude values) will appear as a vertical line within the matrix. 

The content of the matrix can be adjusted, by selecting a range of epochs and channels using the "channels" and "epochs" listboxes. 
Once the range of epochs and channels has been selected, click the "Generate" button to generate a new matrix. 

bugfix in module "Arithmetic operations using pairs of datasets"

08/03/2011 09:07

Several bugs fixed in the module preventing to use the "fixed epochs" and "fixed channels" options. 

bugfix in module "Chunk epochs"

17/12/2010 09:09

Fixed a small bug in the chunk epochs module

bugfix in modules "FFT transform (FFTW)", "Export Matlab" and "Transform FFT"

15/12/2010 09:09

Fixed a major bug in the Matlab inverse FFT module. 
Fixed a major bug in the export Matlab module (affecting datafiles consisting of complex numbers). 
Fixed the scaling issue in the Transform FFT spectrum module

new module : "Topoplot peak viewer"

30/11/2010 09:11

Generate topographical maps of the scalp topography of individual peaks across epochs.

bugfix in all map viewing modules

22/10/2010 09:12

Fixed a bug preventing the display of files containing zero-valued matrices.

upgraded module "SNR" for SSEP analyses

22/10/2010 09:12

Added the possibility to compute z-scores.

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