2D Real (modules applying to time-domain EEG epochs)

  • Segmentation (using analogical or logical triggers)
  • Automatic classification and re-alignment of epochs using condition files
  • Baseline-correction
  • Re-reference
  • Downsample
  • FFT-filter
  • Single-trial correlations
  • Z-score (standardize amplitude distribution)
  • Artifact Rejection (including a wavelet-based rejection algorithm employing the time-frequency distribution of signal)
  • Re-arrange / Merge / Delete channels
  • Re-arrange / Merge / Delete epochs
  • Epoch classification (using a combination of logical conditions assigned to each epoch)
  • Sweep equalization (equalize number of epochs across multiple epoch files)
  • Extract odd and even trials
  • Average epochs
  • Standard-deviation across epochs
  • Grand-average (allowing to assign specific weights to each underlying average epoch)
  • Sliding-average across epochs
  • Perform simple arithmetic operations between epochs (sum, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Derivate
  • Extract time-interval (extract portions of epochs)
  • Average time-interval (average of values within a predefined time-interval)
  • Latency phase correction (re-align trials according to phase at predefined frequency and latency)
  • Auto-ANOVA (compute a point-by-point analysis of variance for repeated-measures across several epochs)
  • Auto-Wilcoxon (compute a point-by-point Wilcoxon test for matched pairs)


Time-frequency transforms

  • Continuous wavelet transform (using a Morlet wavelet)
  • Windowed FFT (Hanning windowing)


3D Real (modules applying to time-frequency (TF) maps of EEG epochs)

  • Re-arrange / Merge / Delete epochs
  • Re-arrange / Merge / Delete channels
  • Baseline-operations (baseline correction, ERD%, ...)
  • Average
  • Grand-average
  • Pool channels
  • Single-trial correlations
  • Perform simple arithmetic operations between time-frequency matrices (add, subtract, multiply, divide)
  • Apply a sliding-average to a series of time-frequency matrices
  • Extract averaged area (average of values enclosed within a predefined TF intervals)
  • Extract area (extract the area contained within a predefined TF interval)
  • Extract value (extract one value at a predefined latency and frequency)
  • Extract X-line (extract a series of values within a predefined frequency band)
  • Extract Y-line (extract a series of values within a predefined time interval)
  • Peak extraction (extract minimum and maximum peaks within time-frequency maps)
  • Z-score (standardize distribution of time-frequency matrices)
  • Auto-Wilcoxon (compute a voxel-per-voxel Wilcoxon test for matched-pairs)
  • Design and apply time-frequency masks and filters to time-frequency matrices
  • Inter-electrode phase-coherence (Compute phase-coherence across channel pairs)


Frequency transforms

  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)


2D Complex (modules applying to the product of the FFT transform)

  • Compute amplitude / power / phase
  • FFT filter (band-pass, low-pass, high-pass, notch)
  • Inverse FFT


Independent component analysis (ICA)

  • ERP image (compute ERP image data sets such as defined by Makeig et al.)
  • ICA decomposition (this module exports and imports data to Matlab allowing the computation of ICA using external libraries)
  • Edit ICA mixing matrix
  • Convert channel data to independent components


File management

  • Copy files
  • Delete files
  • Import data using ASCII files
  • Import data using Spike 2 (SMR) files
  • Import data using Saphir (WTP) files
  • Import data using Micromed (Signal98 type 4) files
  • Export data using ASCII files
  • Move files
  • Rename files