Howto : import from EEGLAB


Step 1. Export the EEGLAB data-set as an ASCII File

From the EEGLAB interface, launch "File > Export > Data and ICA activity to text file"

Choose an output file name


- Export ICA activities instead of EEG data should be unchecked (except if you want to export IC time courses)
- Export ERP average instead of trials should be unchecked (except it you want to export the average ERP waveform)
- Transpose matrix should be checked
Export channel labels should be checked
Export time values should be unchecked


Step 2. Import the ASCII file into Letswave

 From the Letswave interface, select the text file and launch Import > Import ASCII files containing multiple epochs"

- Set "Header (Lines)" to 1
- Set "Channel labels (Line)" to 1: the program will look for channel labels stored in the first line of the text file
- Set "Epoch size" to the size (number of time points) of each epoch. This corresponds to the "Frames per epoch" value in EEGLAB.
- Set "Samplerate". This corresponds to the "Sampling rate (Hz)" value in EEGLAB.
- Set "Number of channels". This corresponds to the "Channels per frame" value in EEGLAB.
- Set "XStart (unit)". This corresponds to the Epoch Start (sec)" value in EEGLAB.