01/09/2013 10:51
  • SS-EP explorer : new (experimental) function to easily extract and visualize SS-EP amplitudes, including harmonics and cross-modulation frequencies.
  • Compute SNR : function has been optimized and is now faster. Added the possibility to compute z-scores (credits : Corentin Jacques (UCL)).
  • Multiview : fixed problem when displaying complex numbers (credits : Gilles Vertongen (UCL)).
  • Equalize : equalize the number of epochs across multiple datasets.
  • LW_createPlugin : new function to easily create plugins (credits : Goedele Van Belle (UCL)).
  • FFT : added normalization when computing FFT to generate complex numbers (credits : Gilles Vertongen (UCL)).
  • Topographical maps : fixed a minor bug.
  • Letswave GUI : Improved the handling of plugins (credits : Goedele Van Belle (UCL)).