First UCL meets UCL meeting

02/03/2010 18:52

We are organising our first UCL meets UCL joint labmeeting on 02-03/12/2010.

Thursday 2/12

11:30     Michael Ragé.
Laser and somatosensory evoked potentials in diabetes mellitus: comparison of automated and manual single trial analysis.

12:00     Matteo Martini
Stimulus response functions in placebo analgesia.

12:30     Jessica O'Neill
Nociceptive and non-nociceptive ERPs in central sensitisation.


13:30     Valery Legrain
Controlling attention to pain with working memory.

14:00     Irene Ronga
Linguistic synaesthesia and multisensory interactions.

14:30     Elia Valentini
The primary somatosensory cortex is involved in the earliest stages of nociceptive processing.

15:00     Meng Liang
Parallel vs. serial processing in S1 and S2 for nociception and touch.

15:30     André Mouraux & Valery Legrain
Testing with rTMS the hierarchy between S1 and S2 in nociception

16:00     Meng Liang
Functional neuroimaging of pain


Friday 3/12

10:00     André Mouraux & Elisabeth Colon
Investigating nociception with the steady-state evoked potentials

10:30     Valery Legrain & Samar Hatem
Nociception & peripersonal space in neglect patients, experimental and clinical aspects

11:00    Flavia Mancini
A supramodal map of the body surface.

11:30     Chiara Sambo
Attentional modulation of tactile and nociceptive processing