new module : Glance through all data

23/05/2011 09:05

This module allows you to "glance", within a single figure, at all the data contained within a given dataset, across all channels and epochs. 

The module is very useful to identify misbehaving channels, or artefacted epochs. 

The module generates a color matrix as follows. 
- epochs are displayed on the x-axis 
- channels are displayed on the y-axis 
- each pixel of the 2D matrix (epochs x channels) represents the absolute maximum of the amplitude at x=epoch and y=channel. 

Noisy channels (i.e. channels with abnormally high amplitude values) will appear as a horizontal line within the matrix. 
Artefacted epochs (i.e. epochs with abnormally high absolute amplitude values) will appear as a vertical line within the matrix. 

The content of the matrix can be adjusted, by selecting a range of epochs and channels using the "channels" and "epochs" listboxes. 
Once the range of epochs and channels has been selected, click the "Generate" button to generate a new matrix.