13-17/01/2014: PROTOTOUCH Course on the tribology, psychophysics and neural principles of touch (ATC1-2)

29/01/2014 10:36

As a partner of the PROTOTOUCH project, we will host a one-week couse (ATC1-ATC2) is organised from January 13th to 16th 2014. The course will focus on the tribology of touch, as well as the psychophysical, electrophysiological and functional neuroimaging techniques that can be used to study the neural processes underlying touch in humans.

The full program can be downloaded here : Scientific Program PROTOTOUCH ATC1-2

Tribology of Touch
Tribology of organic polymers, skin and the fingerpad I
Mike Adams
Dynamics of fingertip contact during tangential slip
Benoit Delhaye
Role of tribology in Home and Personal Care
Simon Johnson
Fundamentals of Psychophysics
Introduction to psychophysics – classical and adaptive methods
David Gueorguiev
Interest of the Rasch Model in the psychophysics measure
Massimo Penta
Physical factors influencing pleasant touch during tactile exploration
Anne Klöcker
Neural principles of tactile system
The human skin as a sensory organ
Johan Wessberg
Microneurography: recording single afferents in humans
Rochelle Ackerley
Central mechanisms of haptic perception
Helena Wasling
Functional brain imaging: fMRI, EEG, MEG
Helena Wasling, Rochelle Ackerley, Johan Wessberg
Sensory modalities of touch
Tactile acuity, vibrotaction and texture perception
Jean-Louis Thonnard
Affective touch: the human CT afferent system
Helena Wasling
Microstimulation of single tactile afferents
Rochelle Ackerley
Steady-state evoked potentials, a unique approach to frequency tag the cortical activity elicited by vibrotactile input.
André Mouraux & Athanasia Moungou
Cognitive mechanisms in touch
Valery Legrain
Cross-modal integration and interactions between touch and other senses.
Elisabeth Colon