Aleksandar Jankovski


Intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging at 3-T using a dual independent operating room-magnetic resonance imaging suite: development, feasibility, safety, and preliminary experience

Jankovski A, Francotte F, Vaz G, Fomekong E, Duprez T, Van Boven M, Docquier MA, Hermoye L, Cosnard G, Raftopoulos C. Neurosurgery. (2008) 63(3):412-24. [download PDF]

Intraoperative 3T MR imaging for spinal cord tumor resection: feasibility, timing, and image quality using a "twin" MR-operating room suite.

Duprez TP, Jankovski A, Grandin C, Hermoye L, Cosnard G, Raftopoulos C. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol (2008) 29(10): 1991-4.

Intra-operative MRI at 3T: short report.

Jankovski A, Raftopoulos C, Vaz G, Hermoye L, Cosnard G, Francotte F, Duprez T. JBR-BTR (2007) 90(4): 249-51.

Sonic hedgehog-dependent emergence of oligodendrocytes in the telencephalon: evidence for a source of oligodendrocytes in the olfactory bulb that is independent of PDGFRalpha signaling.

Spassky N, Heydon K, Mangatal A, Jankovski A, Olivier C, Queraud-Lesaux F, Goujet-Zalc C, Thomas JL, Zalc B. Development (2001) 128(24): 4993-5004.

Consequences of neural cell adhesion molecule deficiency on cell migration in the rostral migratory stream of the mouse.

Chazal G, Durbec P, Jankovski A, Rougon G, Cremer H. J Neurosci (2000) 15;20(4):1446-57.
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