Baptiste Chemin

Baptiste Chemin

PhD student (FRIA)

Promoter : Pr. A. Mouraux; Co-promoter : Pr. I Peretz (BRAMS, Université de Montréal)

The goal of my project is to develop an original non-invasive approach to characterise Parkinson’s Disease (PD)-related changes in brain network dynamics. It will exploit a recent electroencephalographic (EEG) approach to investigate the large sensorimotor network underlying our ability to perceive and produce musical rhythms. PD patients show strongly impaired abilities for rhythm perception, rhythm production and beat prediction. This can be explained by the fact that the basal ganglia - a key hub of this network - are critically affected in PD. Characterizing these functional changes could constitute a unique mean to directly measure the consequences of a hub dysfunction on neural network in patients, and the modulation induced by neurorehabilitation strategies such as gait auditory cueing. 


Body movement selectively shapes the neural representation of musical rhythms

Chemin B, Mouraux A, Nozaradan S. Psychol Sci (2014); 25(12):2147-59. [PDF]


Body movement shapes selectively the neural representation of musical rhythm.

 Chemin B, Mouraux A, Nozaradan S. Neuromusic Conference. Dijon (France), Jun 2014.

From sounds to movement and back: how movement shapes neural representation of musical rhythms.

Chemin B, Mouraux A, Nozaradan S. Annual congress of the Belgian Society for Neuroscience. Liège (Belgium), May 2013.

Research projects

Musical rhythm and frequency-tagging to study the neural dynamics of multisensory integration and sensorimotor synchronization

Investigators : Sylvie Nozaradan, Baptiste Chemin, Isabelle Peretz, André Mouraux. How dynamic inputs entrain brain activity to build our internal representation of the external world is one of the most challenging problems currently confronting cognitive neurosciencists. This project investigates...