David Gueorguiev

David Gueorguiev


Supervisor : Pr. J.-L. Thonnard; Co-supervisor : Pr. A. Mouraux

The objective of my PhD wa to conceive original psychophysical approaches to study the perception elicited by novel tactile displays.


Touch uses frictional cues to discriminate flat materials

Gueorguiev D, Bochereau S, Mouraux A, Hayward V, Thonnard JL. Nature : Scientific Reports (2016); 6:25553. [PDF]

Peripheral vs. central determinants of vibrotactile adaptation

Klocker A, Gueorguiev D, Thonnard JL, Mouraux A. J Neurophysiol (2015); 115(2):685-91. [PDF].

Expectation and attention in hierarchical auditory prediction

Chennu S, Noreika V, Gueorguiev D, Blenkmann A, Kochen S, Ibáñez A, Owen AM, Bekinschtein TA. J Neurosci (2013); 33(27): 11194-205.