Diana Torta

Diana Torta

Postdoctorate researcher (FNRS chargé de recherches and KUL)

Coordinators : Pr. V. Legrain (UCL) and Pr. J. Vlaeyen (KUL)

My main research interest is to understand how attention shapes the elaboration and perception of nociceptive and non-nociceptive inputs, both in healthy and in clinical populations. More in detail, I investigate the interplay between space representation and the elaboration of somatosensory nociceptive and non-nociceptive stimuli. In addition, byusing fMRI techniques, I also study how our brain responds to noxious stimuli and what is the role of specific brain regions in the elaboration of noxious inputs.

Using novel techniques based on electroecencephalography, the objective of this postdoctoate research fellowship is to characterize the role of vision and spatial attention on the elaboration of somatosensory stimuli, in particular, nociceptive somatosensory stimuli.


Phase-locked and non-phase-locked EEG responses to pinprick stimulation before and after experimentally-induced secondary hyperalgesia

van den Broeke EN, de Vries B, Lambert J, Torta DM, Mouraux A. Clin Neurophysiol (2017); 128(8):1445-1456. [PDF]

Attention to pain! A neurocognitive perspective on attentional modulation of pain in neuroimaging studies

Torta D, Legrain V, Mouraux A, Valentini E. Cortex (2017); 89:120-134. [PDF]

Intense pain influences the cortical processing of visual stimuli projected onto the sensitized skin

Torta DM, van den Broeke EN, Filbrich L, Jacob B, Lambert J, Mouraux A. Pain (2017); 158(4):691-697. [PDF]

Mechanical pinprick pain in patients with unilateral spatial neglect: The influence of space representation on the perception of nociceptive stimuli

Vizzari V, Barba S, Gindri P, Duca S, Giobbe D, Cerrato P, Geminiani G, Torta DM. Eur J Pain (2016); 21(4):738-749. [PDF]

Prism adaptation contrasts perceptual habituation for repetitive somatosensory stimuli

Torta DM, Tatu MK, Cotroneo D, Alamia A, Folegatti A, Trojan J. Acta Psychologica (2016); 165:24-33. [PDF]

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E-G-G EFIC-Grünenthal Grant 2015

Cortical and peripheral beta oscillations and pain

Annual Prize of the Belgian Pain Society 2014

Torta D. (2014; supervisor: Mouraux A.)

IBRO InEUROPE Short Stay Fellowship 2011

Torta D. (2011; supervisor: Mouraux A).


Rating the Intensity of Nociceptive Laser Stimuli Modifies the Amplitude of Laser-Evoked Potentials

Torta D, Ninghetto M, Legrain V. 16th World Congress on Pain, Yokohama (Japan), Sept. 2016.

Attention does not mediate the enhanced processing of non-nociceptive sensory stimuli presented onto the sensitized skin

Torta D, Filbrich L, van den Broeke E, Legrain V. 16th World Congress on Pain, Yokohama (Japan), Sept. 2016.

Cross-modal interactions between pain and vision: enhanced responses to visual stimuli applied in an area of secondary hyperalgesia

Torta DM, Filbrich L, Lambert J, van den Broeke EN, Mouraux A 9th EFIC congress, Vienna, 2nd  -5th September,  2015.

The effect of heterotopic nociceptive conditioning stimulation on Aδ, C and Aβ fibers brain responses

Torta DM, Churyukanov M, Plaghki L, Mouraux A IBRO-IRUN Conference 17th-19th April, Krakow Poland 2015.

Nucleus accumbens functional connectivity predicts medication overuse headache

Torta DM, Costa T, Luda E, Duca S, Geminiani G, Cauda F. Organization of the human brain mapping (HBM), Hamburg,  8th-12th June 2014. 

Awareness of space mediates crossed-hands analgesia

Torta DM, Vizzari V, Barba S, Gindri P, Giobbe D, Cerrato P, Duca S, Geminiani G 8th EFIC congress, Florence, 9th -12th October,  2013.

Are nociceptive cortical responses necessarily relayed through the primary somatosensory cortex?

Torta DM, Legrain V, Duqué J, Olivier E, Mouraux A. Pain in Europe VII - 7th Congress of the European Federation of IASP Chapters (EFIC). Hamburg. Sept. 2011

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