Dr. Riem El Tahry

Dr. Riem El Tahry

Clinician-Researcher (IONS/NEUR)

Dept. of Neurology, Centre de référence pour l'épilepsie réfractaire.

Cliniques univesitaires Saint-Luc.


Syndrome of the trephined revealed by vertical diplopia

Hohenbichler K, Duprez T, Ribeiro Vaz JG, Ferrao Santos S, El Tahry R. Acta Neurol Belg (2016); in press.

Post-resection electrocorticography has no added value in epilepsy surgery

El Tahry R, Ferrao Santos S, de Tourtchaninoff M, Géraldo Ribeiro Vaz J, Finet P, Raftopoulos C, van Rijckevorsel K. Acta Neurol Belg (2016); 116(3):279-85. 

A single tight MEG cluster may only represent a fragment of type I FCD

El Tahry R, Wang ZI, Kakisaka Y, Murakami H, Shibata S, Krishnan B, Kotagal P, Alexopoulos A, Burgess RC. Clin Neurophysiol (2016); 127(7):2570-2.

Early experiences with tachycardia-triggered vagus nerve stimulation using the AspireSR stimulator

El Tahry R, Hirsch M, Van Rijckevorsel K, Santos SF, de Tourtchaninoff M, Rooijakkers H, Coenen V, Schulze-Bonhage A. Epileptic Disord (2016); 18(2):155-62. 

A prospective, multicenter study of cardiac-based seizure detection to activate vagus nerve stimulation.

Boon P, Vonck K, van Rijckevorsel K, El Tahry R, Elger CE, Mullatti N, Schulze-Bonhage A, Wagner L, Diehl B, Hamer H, Reuber M, Kostov H, Legros B, Noachtar S, Weber YG, Coenen VA, Rooijakkers H, Schijns OE, Selway R, Van Roost D, Eggleston KS, Van Grunderbeek W, Jayewardene AK, McGuire...

Lafora disease: psychiatric manifestations, cognitive decline, and visual hallucinations

El Tahry R, de Tourtchaninoff M, Vrielynck P, Van Rijckevorsel K. Acta Neurol Belg (2015); 115(3):471-4.

Intensity-dependent modulatory effects of vagus nerve stimulation on cortical excitability

Mollet L, Grimonprez A, Raedt R, Delbeke J, El Tahry R, De Herdt V, Meurs A, Wadman W, Boon P, Vonck K. Acta Neurol Scand (2013); 128(6):391-6. 

Electrophysiological responses from vagus nerve stimulation in rats

Mollet L, Raedt R, Delbeke J, El Tahry R, Grimonprez A, Dauwe I, DE Herdt V, Meurs A, Wadman W, Boon P, Vonck K. Int J Neural Syst (2013); 23(6):1350027. 

Repeated assessment of larynx compound muscle action potentials using a self-sizing cuff electrode around the vagus nerve in experimental rats

El Tahry R, Mollet L, Raedt R, Delbeke J, De Herdt V, Wyckhuys T, Hemelsoet D, Meurs A, Vonck K, Wadman W, Boon P. J Neurosci Methods. (2011); 198(2):287-93. 

Increased hippocampal noradrenaline is a biomarker for efficacy of vagus nerve stimulation in a limbic seizure model

Raedt R, Clinckers R, Mollet L, Vonck K, El Tahry R, Wyckhuys T, De Herdt V, Carrette E, Wadman W, Michotte Y, Smolders I, Boon P, Meurs A. J Neurochem (2011); 117(3):461-9. 
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