Emanuel Van Den Broeke

Emanuel Van Den Broeke

Postdoctorate researcher (ERC Starting grant PROBING PAIN)

Coordinator : Pr. André Mouraux


The main objective of my research is to study pain- or nociception-induced central nervous system plasticity. Currently, my studies are focused on characterizing changes in nociceptive pathways that lead or contribute to hyperalgesia, and I am, thereby, particularly interested in the phenomenon of "central sensitization"; the increase responsiveness of nociceptive neurons in the central nervous system that generates widespread hyperalgesia ("secondary hyperalgesia").



Event-related brain potentials elicited by high-speed cooling of the skin: a robust and non-painful method to assess the spinothalamic system in humans

De Keyser R, van den Broeke E, Courtin A, Dufour A, Mouraux A. EClin Neurophysiol (2018); in press.

Phase-locked and non-phase-locked EEG responses to pinprick stimulation before and after experimentally-induced secondary hyperalgesia

van den Broeke EN, de Vries B, Lambert J, Torta DM, Mouraux A. Clin Neurophysiol (2017); 128(8):1445-1456. [PDF]

Intense pain influences the cortical processing of visual stimuli projected onto the sensitized skin

Torta DM, van den Broeke EN, Filbrich L, Jacob B, Lambert J, Mouraux A. Pain (2017); 158(4):691-697. [PDF]

Secondary hyperalgesia is mediated by heat-insensitive A-fiber nociceptors

van den Broeke E, Lenoir C, Mouraux A. J Physiol (2016); 594(22):6767-6776. [PDF]

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Attention does not mediate the enhanced processing of non-nociceptive sensory stimuli presented onto the sensitized skin

Torta D, Filbrich L, van den Broeke E, Legrain V. 16th World Congress on Pain, Yokohama (Japan), Sept. 2016.

Is secondary hyperalgesia mediated by type I A-fiber mechano-heat nociceptors?

Lenoir C, van den Broeke E, Mouraux A. 16th World Congress on Pain, Yokohama (Japan), Sept. 2016.

Characterizing cold evoked potentials in healthy volunteers.

De Keyser R, van den Broeke E, Dufour A, Legrain V, Mouraux A. 16th World Congress on Pain, Yokohama (Japan), Sept. 2016.

Cross-modal interactions between pain and vision: enhanced responses to visual stimuli applied in an area of secondary hyperalgesia

Torta DM, Filbrich L, Lambert J, van den Broeke EN, Mouraux A 9th EFIC congress, Vienna, 2nd  -5th September,  2015.

Contribution of C fibers to secondary heat hyperalgesia induced by high-frequency electrical stimulation

van den Broeke E.N., Mouraux A. 15th World Congress on Pain. Buenos Aires (Argentina), Nov 2014.

An improved mechanical stimulator with precise timing for the recording of pinprick-evoked brain potentials.

Lambert J, van den Broeke E.N., Mouraux A. 15th World Congress on Pain. Buenos Aires (Argentina), Nov 2014.

Heterotopical hyperalgesia induced by high frequency electrical stimulation. Characterizing the respective contribution of heat-sensitive A-delta and C afferents.

van den Broeke EN, Mouraux A. International Conference Clinical Neurophysiology (ICCN). Berlin (Germany), March 2014.

High frequency electrical stimulation induces heterotopical hyperalgesia to mechanical and heat stimuli and enhanced responses to non-nociceptive vibrotactile input

van den Broeke EN, Mouraux A. Neural Circuits underlying Nociception and Pain and their Plasticity. 6-8 October, 2013, Heidelberg, Germany. 2013.

Research projects

Pinprick-evoked brain potentials to assess central sensitization in humans

I’m particularly interested in nociception-induced central nervous system plasticity in both acute and persistent pain conditions. In my research I focus predominantly on brain functioning as investigated by non-invasive functional neuroimaging techniques such as electroencephalography (EEG). The...