Léon Plaghki

Léon Plaghki

Professor Emeritus (IONS/COSY)


The effect of heterotopic noxious conditioning stimulation on Ad-, C- and Ab-fiber brain responses in humans.

Torta DM, Churyukanov M, Plaghki L, Mouraux A. Eur J Neurosci (2015); 42(9):2707-15. [PDF]

Finite element analysis of thermal laser skin stimulation for a finer characterization of the nociceptive system

Marchandise E, Mouraux A, Plaghki L, Henrotte F. J Neurosci Methods (2014); 223: 1-10. [PDF].

Unmasking the obligatory components of nociceptive event-related brain potentials

Mouraux A, De Paepe AL, Marot E, Plaghki L, Iannetti GD, Legrain V. J Neurophysiol (2013); 110(10):2312-24. [PDF].

Psychophysical and electrophysiological evidence for nociceptive dysfunction in CRPS

Caty G, Hu L, Legrain V, Plaghki L, Mouraux A. Pain (2013); 154(11):2521-8. [PDF]

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