Sabien van Neerven

Sabien van Neerven

Postdoctorate researcher (Fondation Louvain)

Coordinators : Prs. André Mouraux & Emmanuel Hermans

The general objective of my project is to characterize the effects of topical capsaicin treatment on the changes in function and structure of nociceptive pathways associated with the development of chronic neuropathic pain and/or central sensitization. The proposed project is translational, from bench to bedside, as it will combine work performed in an animal model of neuropathic pain and work performed in patients suffering from chronic post-operative pain. 


Two-component collagen nerve guides support axonal regeneration in the rat peripheral nerve injury model.

van Neerven SG, Haastert-Talini K, Boecker A, Schriever T, Dabhi C, Claeys K, Deumens R, Brook GA, Weis J, Pallua N, Bozkurt A. J Tissue Eng Regen Med (2016); in press.  

Efficient bridging of 20 mm rat sciatic nerve lesions with a longitudinally micro-structured collagen scaffold.

Bozkurt A, Boecker A, Tank J, Altinova H, Deumens R, Dabhi C, Tolba R, Weis J, Brook GA, Pallua N, van Neerven SG. Biomaterials (2016); 75:112-22. 

Pre-differentiation of mesenchymal stromal cells in combination with a microstructured nerve guide supports peripheral nerve regeneration in the rat sciatic nerve model.

Boecker AH, van Neerven SG, Scheffel J, Tank J, Altinova H, Seidensticker K, Deumens R, Tolba R, Weis J, Brook GA, Pallua N, Bozkurt A. Eur J Neurosci (2016); 43(3):404-16.

Bidirectional interconversion of stem and non-stem cancer cell populations: A reassessment of theoretical models for tumor heterogeneity.

van Neerven SM, Tieken M, Vermeulen L, Bijlsma MF. Mol Cell Oncol (2015); 3(2):e1098791. 

Differences in degradation behavior of two non-cross-linked collagen barrier membranes: an in vitro and in vivo study

Bozkurt A, Apel C, Sellhaus B, van Neerven S, Wessing B, Hilgers RD, Pallua N. Clin Oral Implants Res (2014); 25(12):1403-11.

The proximal medial sural nerve biopsy model: a standardised and reproducible baseline clinical model for the translational evaluation of bioengineered nerve guides

Bozkurt A, van Neerven SG, Claeys KG, O'Dey DM, Sudhoff A, Brook GA, Sellhaus B, Schulz JB, Weis J, Pallua N. Biomed Res Int. (2014); 2014:121452.

Human Schwann cells seeded on a novel collagen-based microstructured nerve guide survive, proliferate, and modify neurite outgrowth.

van Neerven SG, Krings L, Haastert-Talini K, Vogt M, Tolba RH, Brook G, Pallua N, Bozkurt A. Biomed Res Int (2014); 2014:493823.

Schwann cell migration and neurite outgrowth are influenced by media conditioned by epineurial fibroblasts

van Neerven SG, Pannaye P, Bozkurt A, Van Nieuwenhoven F, Joosten E, Hermans E, Taccola G, Deumens R. Neuroscience (2013);252:144-53.

Retrograde tracing and toe spreading after experimental autologous nerve transplantation and crush injury of the sciatic nerve: a descriptive methodological study

van Neerven SG, Bozkurt A, O'Dey DM, Scheffel J, Boecker AH, Stromps JP, Dunda S, Brook GA, Pallua N. J Brachial Plex Peripher Nerve Inj (2012); 7(1):5.

A flexible, sterile, and cost-effective retractor system for microsurgery

Bozkurt A, Boecker A, Van Neerven S, O'Dey DM, Opländer C, Brook G, Pallua N. Microsurgery (2011); 31(8):668-70.
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Research projects

Capsaicin-induced neuroplasticity : mechanistic studies for understanding neuropathic pain and optimizing its treatment

Investigators : Sabien van Neerven, Ronald Deumens, Marjolein Leerink, Patrice Forget, Arnaud Steyaert, André Mouraux, Emmanuel Hermans. The general objective of our project is to characterize the effects of topical capsaicin treatment on the changes in function and structure of nociceptive...