Prof. Valery Legrain

Prof. Valery Legrain

Principal investigator (IONS/COSY)


Investigating peri-limb interaction between nociception and vision using spatial depth.

Vanderclausen C, Filbrich L, Alamia A, Legrain V. Neurosci Lett (2017); 654: 111-116. [PDF]

Evidence for an integrated visuo-nociceptive representation of the peripersonal space of the hand.

De Paepe AL, Crombez G, Legrain V. Neuropsychologia (2017); in press.

Attention to pain! A neurocognitive perspective on attentional modulation of pain in neuroimaging studies

Torta D, Legrain V, Mouraux A, Valentini E. Cortex (2017); 89:120-134.

Overlap of movement planning and movement execution reduces reaction time.

Orban de Xivry J.J., Legrain V., Lefèvre P. J Neurophysiol (2016); in press.

Neurosciences cognitives et douleur

Legrain V. (2016). In : Encyclopaedia Universalis. Boulogne-Billancourt : Encyclopaedia Universalis SA.

Using temporal order judgments to investigate attention bias towards pain and threat-related information. Methodological and theoretical issues

Filbrich L, Torta DM, Vanderclausen C, Azanon E, Legrain V. Consciousness and Cognition (2016); 41:135-8. [PDF]

What's coming near? The influence of dynamic visual stimuli on nociceptive processing

De Paepe AL, Crombez G, Legrain V. PLoS ONE (2016); 11(5):e0155864. [PDF]

Watching what's coming near increases tactile sensitivity: an experimental investigation

Van der Biest L, Legrain V, De Paepe A, Crombez G. Behav Brain Res (2015) (in press). [PDF]
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