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Bilateral tactile hypersensitivity and neuroimmune responses after spared nerve injury in mice lacking vasoactive intestinal peptide

Gallo A, Leerink M, Michot B, Ahmed E, Forget P, Mouraux A, Hermans E. Exp Neurol (2017); 293:62-73. [PDF]

Feasibility of Topical Applications of Natural High-Concentration Capsaicinoid Solutions in Patients with Peripheral Neuropathic Pain: A Retrospective Analysis

Bauchy F, Mouraux A, Deumens R, Leerink M, Ulpiano Trillig A, le Polain de Waroux B, Steyaert A, Quetin-Leclercq J, Forget P. Pain Research and Management (2016): 9703036. [PDF]

A new model of nerve injury in the rat reveals a role of Regulator of G protein Signaling 4 in tactile hypersensitivity

Taccola G, Doyen PJ, Damblon J, Dingu N, Ballarin B, Steyaert A, Rieux AD, Forget P, Hermans E, Bosier B, Deumens R. Exp Neurol (2016); 286:1-11. [PDF]

Does the perioperative analgesic/anesthetic regimen influence the prevalence of long-term chronic pain after mastectomy?

Steyaert A, Forget P, Dubois V, Lavand'homme P, De Kock M. J Clin Anesth (2016); 33:20-5. 

Pain, Quality of Life, and Clinical Outcomes after Robotic Lobectomy.

Lacroix V, Nezhad ZM, Kahn D, Steyaert A, Poncelet A, Pieters T, Noirhomme P. Thorac Cardiovasc Surg (2016); 65(5):344-350.

Nociceptive local field potentials recorded from the human insula are not specific for nociception

Liberati G, Klocker A, Safronova MM, Ferrao Santos S, Ribeiro Vaz JG, Raftopoulos C, Mouraux A. PLoS Biology (2016); 14(1):e1002345. [PDF]

Clinical evidence for dorsal root ganglion stimulation in the treatment of chronic neuropathic pain. A review.

Forget P, Boyer T, Steyaert A, Masquelier E, Deumens R, Le Polain de Waroux B. Acta Anaesthesiol Belg (2015); 66(2):37-41.

Prevention of chronic postoperative pain: cellular, molecular, and clinical insights for mechanism-based treatment approaches.

Deumens R, Steyaert A, Forget P, Schubert M, Lavand'homme P, Hermans E, De Kock M. Prog Neurobiol (2013) ;104:1-37.

Postoperative opioids: let us take responsibility for the possible consequences

Steyaert A, Lavand'homme P. Eur J Anaesthesiol (2013); 30(2):50-2. 

Perioperative ketorolac in high risk breast cancer patients. Rationale, feasibility and methodology of a prospective randomized placebo-controlled trial.

Forget P, Berlière M, van Maanen A, Duhoux FP, Machiels JP, Coulie PG, Bouche G, De Kock M; Ketorolac in Breast Cancer trial (KBCtrial) group. Med Hypotheses (2013); 81(4):707-12.

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