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Event-related brain potentials elicited by high-speed cooling of the skin: a robust and non-painful method to assess the spinothalamic system in humans

De Keyser R, van den Broeke E, Courtin A, Dufour A, Mouraux A. EClin Neurophysiol (2018); in press.

EEG frequency-tagging and input-output comparison in rhythm perception

Nozaradan S, Keller PE, Rossion B, Mouraux A. Brain Topogr (2017); in press. [PDF]

Mind your grip: even usual dexterous manipulation requires high level cognition

Guillery E, Mouraux A, Thonnard JL, Legrain V. Front Behav Neurosci (2017); 11:220. [PDF]

The Tactile Perception of Transient Changes in Friction

Gueorguiev D, Vezzoli E, Mouraux A, Lemaire-Semail B, Thonnard JL. J R Soc Interface (2017); 14(137). pii: 20170641. [PDF]

Side-channel attacks against the human brain: the PIN code case study

Lange J, Massart C, Mouraux A, Standaert FX. In: COSADE 2017: Constructive side-channel analysis and secure design. (2017). S. Guilley (Ed.), pp. 171-189. [PDF]

Gamma-band oscillations preferential for nociception can be recorded in the human insula

Liberati G, Klöcker A, Algoet M, Mulders D, Safronova MM, Ferrao Santos S, Vaz JG, Raftopoulos C, Mouraux A. Cerebral Cortex (2017); in press. [PDF]

Phase-locked and non-phase-locked EEG responses to pinprick stimulation before and after experimentally-induced secondary hyperalgesia

van den Broeke EN, de Vries B, Lambert J, Torta DM, Mouraux A. Clin Neurophysiol (2017); 128(8):1445-1456. [PDF]

The human primary somatosensory cortex is differentially involved in vibrotaction and nociception

Lenoir C, Huang G, Vandermeeren Y, Hatem SM, Mouraux A. J Neurophysiol (2017); 118(1):317-330.

Frequency-tagging to track the neural processing of contrast in fast continuous sound sequences

Nozaradan S, Mouraux A, Cousineau M. J Neurophysiol (2017); 118(1):243-253. [PDF]

Bilateral tactile hypersensitivity and neuroimmune responses after spared nerve injury in mice lacking vasoactive intestinal peptide

Gallo A, Leerink M, Michot B, Ahmed E, Forget P, Mouraux A, Hermans E. Exp Neurol (2017); 293:62-73. [PDF]

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