Athanasia Moungou (2016)

Promoter : A. Mouraux, Co-promoter : Jean-Louis Thonnard

EEG frequency tagging to explore the cortical activity induced by the dynamic tactile exploration of textures


David Gueorguiev (2016)

Promoter : Jean-Louis Thonnard, Co-promoter : André Mouraux

Tactile perception of natural and simulated textures : a psychophysical approach


Elisabeth Colon (2014)

Promoter : A. Mouraux

Steady-state evoked potentials to study nociception and vibrotaction in humans


Caroline Huart (2014)

Promoters : A. Mouraux & P. Rombaux (IONS/NEUR)

Novel psychophysical and electrophysiological tools to assess human olfactory function and evaluation of their potential for an early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease


Sylvie Nozaradan (2013)

Promoters : A. Mouraux & I. Peretz (BRAMS, UDeM, Canada).

Exploring the neural entrainment to musical rhythms and meter: a steady-state evoked potential approach.


Samar Hatem (2010)

Promoters : L. Plaghki & D. Bouhassira

Neuropathic pain in syringomyelia : Event-related potentials, psychophysics and spinal diffusion tensor imaging.


Michael Ragé (2010)

Promoter : L. Plaghki

Psychophysical, neurophysiological and morphological studies of small fibre neuropathies.


Céline Decruynaere (2007)

Promoters : J.-L. Thonnard & L. Plaghki

The measure of pain by self-report : use of Rasch analysis.


André Mouraux (2005)

Promoters : L. Plaghki & J.M. Guérit

Preceding events condition the central processing of nociceptive input as revealed by laser-evoked potentials.


Valery Legrain (2003)

Promoters : L. Plaghki & R. Bruyer.

Modulation du traitement nociceptif cérébral par les processus d'attention. Études électrophysiologiques au moyen des potentiels évoqués laser.

Hicham Nahra (2002)

Promoter : L. Plaghki

Modulation of perception and neurophysiological correlates of brief non-painful and painful CO2 laser stimuli in humans : influence of selective A-fiber pressure block and concurrent large myelinated fiber stimulation.

Emmanuelle Opsommer (1999)

Promoter : L. Plaghki

Ultra-late (C-fibre) laser evoked potentials : exogenous and endogenous components, dynamic scalp topographye and dipolar source modelling.

Dominique Bragard (1995)

Promoter : L. Plaghki

Perception and neurophysiological correlates of brief infrared laser pulses : influences of cutaneous stimulation area.