Institute of Neuroscience (IONS) - Université catholique de Louvain (UCL)


Elisabeth Colon

PhD student (FSR)

Postdoctorate researcher (BAEF fellowship)

Supervisor : Pr. A. Mouraux

During her PhD, Elisabeth Colon developed a novel approach to study the cortical processes underlying pain perception in humans based on the recording of nociceptive steady-state evoked potentials (SS-EPs). The aim was to isolate cortical activity more preferentially involved in nociception. We showed that SS-EPs is useful to tag cortical activity related to the perception of sustained pain that possibly reflects nociceptive-specific stages of cortical processing. She then pursued her work as a postdoctorate researcher, with the aim of developing a new approach to study patients suffering from chronic pain with SS-EPs. 

Thesis dissertation (Sept 2014)


Colon E, Nozaradan S, Legrain V, Mouraux A. Neuroimage (2011); 60(1):571-581. [PDF]

Mouraux A, Iannetti GD, Colon E, Legrain V, Nozaradan S, Plaghki L. J Neurosci (2011); 31(16): 6079-87. [PDF]

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