Institute of Neuroscience (IONS) - Université catholique de Louvain (UCL)


Louise Manfron - PhD student (FSR)

Supervisors : Pr. Valéry Legrain

Assessing the efficiency of an analgesic treatment requires to measure pain and the integrity of the neural system mediating pain perception, i.e. the nociceptive system. However, the interpretation of these measurements often relies on the idea that the response of a patient to a nociceptive stimulus is only determined by the properties of this stimulus. I wish to challenge this idea by suggesting that the ability to perceive the ocurence of a nociceptive stimulus and to perceived it as painful depends on the integration of sensory inputs from the different sensory modalities, including non-somatic stimuli such as visual stimuli. I propose to demonstrate this hypothesis using an original a​pproach combining cognitive psychology methods and psychophysics of the nociceptive system.


Filbrich L, Blandiaux S, Manfron L, Farnè A, De Keyser R, Legrain V. Behav Brain Res (2019); 362: 114-121. [PDF]

Legrain V, Manfron L, Garcia M, Filbrich L. Perception (2018); 301006618763269 [PDF].

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