Maxime Algoet - PhD student (ERC-STG PROBING-PAIN)

Supervisor : Pr. André Mouraux

The general objective of my PhD project is to develop novel noninvasive means to characterize activity-dependent changes in brain function related to central sensitization and chronic pain. At the core of my project is the development of a novel approach based on the recording of TMS-evoked BOLD responses sampled using concurrent TMS-fMRI. As a first step, this will be used to characterize changes in cortical excitability and functional connectivity within different brain areas induced by a sustained experimental pain. Subsequently, this approach could be used to study changes in brain function related to chronic pain. In parallel, I am also interested in studying the changes in motor excitability induced by an experimental pain. I combined TMS of the primary motor cortex with, respectively, brief and sustained nociceptive stimulation to characterize the spinal and supraspinal pain-motor interactions triggered by noxious stimulation.


Lenoir C*, Algoet M*, Mouraux A. J Physiol (2018); 596(19):4767-4787. [PDF]

*both authors contributed equally.

Algoet M, Duqué J, Iannetti GD, Mouraux A. Neuroscience (2018); 386: 240-255. [PDF]

Liberati G, Algoet M, Klöcker A, Ferrao Santos S, Ribeiro-Vaz JG, Raftopoulos C, Mouraux A. Nature: Scientific Reports (2018); 8(1): 8265. [PDF]

Lenoir C*, Algoet M*, Vanderclausen C, Peeters A, Ferrao Santos S, Mouraux A. Brain Stimulation (2018); 11(5):1187-1188. [PDF] *Both authors contributed equally.

Liberati G, Klöcker A, Algoet M, Mulders D, Safronova MM, Ferrao Santos S, Vaz JG, Raftopoulos C, Mouraux A. Cerebral Cortex (2017); 28(10):3650-3664.. [PDF]

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