Roxane Dekeyser - former postdoc (FNRS)


My research project investigated the neurophysiological mechanisms underlying visual-nociceptive integration in the representation of the body and the peripersonal space. More specifically, I used steady state evoked potentials to explore how nociceptive stimulation affects the processing of external visual stimuli in order to form a meaningful multimodal representation of physical threats.


Behabioural Brain Research

Filbrich L, Blandiaux S, Manfron L, Farnè A, De Keyser R, Legrain V.

362: 114-121

Unimodal and crossmodal extinction of nociceptive stimuli in healthy volunteers


Experimental Brain Research

De Keyser R, Mouraux A, Quek GL, Torta DM, Legrain V.

in press

Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation to study tool-selective processing in the human brain


Clinical Neurophysiology

De Keyser R, van den Broeke E, Courtin A, Dufour A, Mouraux A.


Event-related brain potentials elicited by high-speed cooling of the skin: a robust and non-painful method to assess the spinothalamic system in humans