André Mouraux - Principal investigator (IONS/COSY)

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Using non-invasive functional neuroimaging techniques such as electroencephalography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), combined with novel techniques to selectively activate specific classes of nociceptive afferents, the research performed by the team of André Mouraux (IONS/COSY) follows two main axes. First, to understand how the human brain processes nociceptive sensory input and how this leads to the perception of pain. Second, to understand the plastic changes in nociceptive pathways that occur after inflammation, injury or sustained nociceptive input that induce peripheral and central sensitization and may underlie the development of chronic pain in humans.




Combining topical agonists with the recording of event-related brain potentials to probe the functional involvement of TRPM8, TRPA1 and TRPV1 in heat and cold transduction in the human skin

J Pain

Courtin AS, Mouraux A

in press.


The N13 spinal component of somatosensory evoked potentials is modulated by heterotopic noxious conditioning stimulation suggesting an involvement of spinal wide dynamic range neurons

Neurophysiol Clin

Di Pietro G, Di Stefano G, Leone C, Di Lionardo A, Sgrò E, Blockeel AJ, Caspani O, Garcia-Larrea L, Mouraux A, Phillips KG, Treede RD, Valeriani M, Truini A.



Modulation of the N13 component of the somatosensory evoked potentials in an experimental model of central sensitization in humans

Scientific Reports

Di Lionardo A, Di Stefano G, Leone C, Di Pietro G, Sgro E, Malara E, Cosentino C, Mollica C, Blockeel AJ, Caspani O, Garcia-Larrea L, Mouraux A, Treede RD, Phillips KG, Valeriani M, Truini A.



Vagus Nerve Stimulation elicits sleep EEG desynchronization and network changes in responder patients in epilepsy


Vespa S, Heyse J, Stumpp L, Liberati G, Ferrao Santos S, Rooijakkers H, Nonclercq A, Mouraux A, van Mierlo P, El Tahry R.

in press.


How different experimental models of secondary hyperalgesia change the nociceptive flexion reflex.

Clin Neurophysiol

Leone C, Di Lionardo A, Di Pietro G, Di Stefano G, Falco P, Blockeel AJ, Caspani O, Garcia-Larrea L, Mouraux A, Phillips KG, Treede RD, Truini A.



High-frequency electrical stimulation of cutaneous nociceptors differentially affects pain perception elicited by homotopic and heterotopic electrical stimuli

J Neurophysiol

van den Broeke EN, Urdi M, Mouraux A, Biurrun Manresa J, Torta DM



IMI2-PainCare-BioPain-RCT3: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover, multi-center trial in healthy subjects to investigate the effects of lacosamide, pregabalin, and tapentadol on biomarkers of pain processing observed by electroencephalography (EEG).


Mouraux A, Bloms-Funke P, Boesl I, Caspani O, Chapman SC, Di Stefano G, Finnerup NB, Garcia-Larrea L, Goetz M, Kostenko A, Pelz B, Pogatzki-Zahn E, Schubart K, Stouffs A, Truini A, Tracey I, Troconiz IF, Van Niel J, Vela JM, Vincent K, Vollert J, Wanigasekera V, Wittayer M, Phillips KG, Treede RD.



Zero gravity induced by parabolic flight enhances automatic capture and weakens voluntary maintenance of visuospatial attention.

NPJ Microgravity

Salatino A, Iacono C, Gammeri R, Chiadò ST, Lambert J, Sulcova D, Mouraux A, George MS, Roberts DR, Berti A, Ricci R.



Transcutaneous auricular VNS applied to experimental pain: A paired behavioral and EEG study using thermonociceptive CO2 laser.

PLoS One

Dumoulin M, Liberati G, Mouraux A, Santos SF, El Tahry R.




Improvement of Impulsivity and Decision Making by Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation of the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex in a Patient with Gambling Disorder.

J Gambl Stud

Ninghetto M, Belli F, Nobili M, Mouraux A, Ricci R.

in press.


Human surrogate models of central sensitization: a critical review and practical guide

European Journal of Pain

Quesada C, Kostenko A, Ho I, Leone C, Nochi Z, Stouffs A, Wittayer M, Caspani O, Finnerup NB, Mouraux A, Pickering G, Tracey I, Truini A, Treede RD, Garcia-Larrea L.



Challenges and opportunities in translational pain research - an opinion paper of the working group on translational pain research of the European Pain Federation (EFIC)

European Journal of Pain

Mouraux A, Bannister K, Becker S, Finn DP, Pickering G, Pogatzki-Zahn E, Graven-Nielsen T.

in press.


Perceptual correlates of homosynaptic long term potentiation in human nociceptive pathways: a replication study

Royal Society Open Science

van den Broeke EN, Vanmaele T, Mouraux A, Stouffs A, Biurrun-Manresa J, Torta DM



Insular responses to transient painful and non-painful thermal and mechanical spinothalamic stimuli recorded using intracerebral EEG

Nature: Scientific Reports

Liberati G, Mulders D, Algoet M, van den Broeke EN, Ferrao Santos S, Ribeiro Vaz JG, Raftopoulos C, Mouraux A.

10: 22319


New insights into cutaneous laser stimulation – dependency on skin and laser type


Frahm KS, Gervasio S, Arguissain F, Mouraux A.