Igor Iarrobino - PhD student (aspirant FNRS)

Group : 

Valéry Legrain


How does the brain compute the origin of pain on the body space?

The spatiotopic representation considers the relative position of the body part on which the stimulus is applied, and, therefore, uses external space as reference frame. Demonstrating the brain’s ability to map nociceptive inputs according to a spatiotopic representation will provide evidence for the exteroceptive function of nociception, whose role would be to optimize detection of physical threats and protect the body. The goal of the present project is to characterize the time course of the neural processes underlying the spatial mapping of somatosensory inputs in the human brain using electroencephalography.




Everything is (still) illuminated: Dual right cathodal-left anodal tDCS of PPC prevents fatigue on a visual detection task

Brain Stimulation

Sarasso P, Ninghetto M, Salatino A, Ronga I, Bongiardina A, Iarrobino I, Neppi-Modona M, Ricci R.

in press.