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Infrared laser stimulation

In 1975, Mor and Carmon introduced infrared laser stimulators as tools to explore nociception in humans. Allowing brief, synchronous, and selective activation of cutaneous Adelta- and C-fibre nociceptors, laser heat stimulators are now used extensively to study nociception in humans. Recently, we have collaborated to the development of a novel CO2 laser stimulator whose power is regulated using a feedback control based on an online measurement of skin temperature at the site of stimulation (Laser Stimulation Device, SIFEC, Belgium).

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Researchers involved


Nature: Scientific Reports

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Liberati G, Mulders D, Algoet M, van den Broeke EN, Ferrao Santos S, Ribeiro Vaz JG, Raftopoulos C, Mouraux A.

10: 22319


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Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

Rating the Intensity of a Laser Stimulus, but Not Attending to Changes in Its Location or Intensity Modulates the Laser-Evoked Cortical Activity


Torta DME, Ninghetto M, Ricci R, Legrain V.


Journal of Clinical Medicine

Does motor cortex engagement during movement preparation differentially inhibit nociceptive processing in patients with chronic whiplash associated disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome and healthy controls? An experimental study


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9(5): E1520

Pain Medicine

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Journal of Neurophysiology

Early gamma-oscillations as correlate of localized nociceptive processing in primary sensorimotor cortex


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Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

Rating the intensity of a laser stimulus, but not attending to changes in its location or intensity modulates the laser-evoked cortical activity


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European Journal of Pain

Fibromyalgia syndrome - A laser-evoked potentials study unsupportive of small nerve fibre involvement


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Characterising the short-term habituation of event-related evoked potentials


Mancini F, Pepe A, Di Stefano G, Mouraux A, Iannetti GD.

5(5): ENEURO.0014-18.2018

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