Institute of Neuroscience (IONS) - Université catholique de Louvain (UCL)


Roxane Dekeyser - FNRS (PDR)

Supervisor : Pr. Valéry Legrain

My research project investigates the neurophysiological mechanisms underlying visual-nociceptive integration in the representation of the body and the peripersonal space. More specifically, I use steady state evoked potentials to explore how nociceptive stimulation affects the processing of external visual stimuli in order to form a meaningful multimodal representation of physical threats.


Filbrich L, Blandiaux S, Manfron L, Farnè A, De Keyser R, Legrain V. Behav Brain Res (2019); 362: 114-121. [PDF]

De Keyser R, Mouraux A, Quek GL, Torta DM, Legrain V. Exp Brain Res (2018); in press. [PDF]

De Keyser R, van den Broeke E, Courtin A, Dufour A, Mouraux A. 

Clin Neurophysiol (2018); 129(5):1011-1019. [PDF]

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