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Chiara Leu - PhD student (aspirant FRIA)

Group : 

Giulia Liberati


Painful stimuli do not only evoke event-related potentials in the brain but also modulate ongoing neural oscillations. Yet, the functional implications of these modulations remains unclear. The main goal of my PhD is to better characterize pain-related modulations of ongoing neural oscillations and to investigate their functional significance. Hereby, the primary focus lies on the dynamic nature of internal and external factors modulating ongoing neural oscillations recorded from scalp and intracerebral EEG and how they can be analyzed using frequency-tagging of ongoing oscillations (FT-OO). A better comprehension of ongoing oscillation will not only deepen the understanding of the neural mechanisms of pain perception but could also be of use in the development of novel long-term interventions in chronic pain conditions.



The role of ongoing oscillation in pain perception: Absence of modulation by a concomitant arithmetic task


Leu C, Courtin A, Cussac C, Liberati G.


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