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IoNS Special Interest Group (SIG)
Translational Pain Research

The Special Interest Group PAIN aims to develop translational pain research by bringing together basic and clinical neuroscientists exploring the neurobiology and psychophysiology of pain in cell models, animal models, healthy human individuals and patients. SIG PAIN includes several clinicians involved in the management of chronic pain. To promote this multidisciplinary research, SIG PAIN organizes joint scientific activities and supports cross-disciplinary projects.


Aïcha Boutachkourt 

Alexia Havelange

Amélie Van Caekenberghe 

André Mouraux 

Annabel Wunsch

Anne Berquin 

Arnaud Steyaert 

Avgustina Kuzminova 

Camilla Imerov

Carlo Matej Rinaudo 

Cécile Dubuc

Charles Grégoire 

Chiara Leu 

Christine Watremez

Delia Della Porta 

Dominika Sulcova 

Dounia Mulders 

Emmanuel Hermans 

Etienne Masquelier 

Fabienne Roelants 

Françoise Dissassuca

Gabrielle Herbillon 

Giulia Liberati 

Gwenaëlle Mievis 

Jacques Grisart

Laurianna Degreef

Lieve Filbrich 

Lisa Demeurs

Louise Manfron 

Louisien Lebrun 

Lu Lejeune

Lucie Baillij

Luna Lechesne

Marc-Henri Louis 

Mathilde Charlier

Nassim Touil

Nicolas Lejeune 

Patricia Lavand'homme 

Pauline Billaux

Pauline Beckers 

Pauline Braconnier 

Philippe Gailly 

Roberta Gualdani 

Solenn Gousset 

Valéry Legrain 

Vladimir Aron 

Wumeng Wang

Yaser Fathi Arateh 

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