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Maxime Algoet - former PhD student

Group : 

André Mouraux


The general objective of my PhD project was to develop novel noninvasive means to characterize activity-dependent changes in brain function related to central sensitization and chronic pain. At the core of my project was the development of a novel approach based on the recording of TMS-evoked BOLD responses sampled using concurrent TMS-fMRI. As a first step, this was used to characterize changes in cortical excitability and functional connectivity within different brain areas induced by a sustained experimental pain. Subsequently, this approach could be used to study changes in brain function related to chronic pain. In parallel, I was also interested in studying the changes in motor excitability induced by an experimental pain. I combined TMS of the primary motor cortex with, respectively, brief and sustained nociceptive stimulation to characterize the spinal and supraspinal pain-motor interactions triggered by noxious stimulation



Insular responses to transient painful and non-painful thermal and mechanical spinothalamic stimuli recorded using intracerebral EEG

Nature: Scientific Reports

Liberati G, Mulders D, Algoet M, van den Broeke EN, Ferrao Santos S, Ribeiro Vaz JG, Raftopoulos C, Mouraux A.

10: 22319


Tonic thermonociceptive stimulation selectively modulates ongoing neural oscillations in the human posterior insula: evidence from intracerebral EEG


Liberati G, Algoet M, Ferrao Santos S, Ribeiro-Vaz JG, Raftopoulos C, Mouraux A.



Deep continuous theta burst stimulation of the operculo-insular cortex selectively affects Adelta-fiber heat pain

Journal of Physiology

Lenoir C*, Algoet M*, Mouraux A.



Temporal profile and limb-specificity of phasic pain-evoked changes in motor excitability


Algoet M, Duqué J, Iannetti GD, Mouraux A.

386: 240-255


Habituation of phase-locked local field potentials and gamma-band oscillations recorded from the human insula

Nature: Scientific Reports

Liberati G, Algoet M, Klöcker A, Ferrao Santos S, Ribeiro-Vaz JG, Raftopoulos C, Mouraux A.

8(1): 8265


Report of one confirmed generalized seizure and one suspected partial seizure induced by deep continuous theta burst stimulation of the right operculo-insular cortex

Brain Stimulationation

Lenoir C*, Algoet M*, Vanderclausen C, Peeters A, Ferrao Santos S, Mouraux A.



Gamma-band oscillations preferential for nociception can be recorded in the human insula

Cerebral Cortex

Liberati G, Klöcker A, Algoet M, Mulders D, Safronova MM, Ferrao Santos S, Vaz JG, Raftopoulos C, Mouraux A.



Theta burst stimulation applied over primary motor and somatosensory cortices produces analgesia unrelated to the changes in nociceptive event-related potentials


Torta D, Legrain V, Algoet M, Olivier E, Duqué J, Mouraux A.

20; 8(8): e73263

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