Julien Lambert - PhD student

Group : 

André Mouraux


After three years as the head of the technical support team within the Cognitive and System Department of the Institute of Neuroscience of the UCL, I started a PhD. The general objective of my research is to develop a novel approach based on transcranial focused ultrasound (TFUS) and on the combination of TFUS with electroencephalography (EEG) to characterize and to investigate the interdependencies between the different brain regions involved in human pain perception.




Improving the recording of pinprick-evoked brain potentials in the context of central sensitization: the use of robot-controlled mechanical pinprick stimulation and a stimulus evaluation task

Clinical Neurophysiology

van den Broeke EN, de Hemptinne P, Mercken M, Torta DM, Lambert J, Mouraux A.

in press.


Central sensitization increases the pupil dilation elicited by mechanical pinprick stimulation

Journal of Neurophysiology

van den Broeke EN, Hartgerink DM, Butler J, Lambert J, Mouraux A.

in press.


Phase-locked and non-phase-locked EEG responses to pinprick stimulation before and after experimentally-induced secondary hyperalgesia

Clinical Neurophysiology

van den Broeke EN, de Vries B, Lambert J, Torta DM, Mouraux A.

in press.


Intense pain influences the cortical processing of visual stimuli projected onto the sensitized skin


Torta DM, van den Broeke EN, Filbrich L, Jacob B, Lambert J, Mouraux A.

in press.


Central sensitization of mechanical nociceptive pathways is associated with a long-lasting increase of pinprick-evoked brain potentials

Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

van den Broeke E, Lambert J, Huang G, Mouraux A.

in press.