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Victoria Van Regemorter (Clinicien Specialiste Doctorant FNRS)


The aims of my research project are (1) to evaluate whether olfactory impairment is a reliable predictor of perioperative morbidity and mortality and (2) to identify the potential underlying mechanisms, notably through the links between olfaction, cognition and brain plasticity using olfactory training. 

Group members



Poor pre-operative performance at Clock Drawing Test is associated with postoperative decline in olfaction in older patients: an observational pilot study

BMC Anesthesiology

Van Regemorter V, Coulie R, Dollase J, Momeni M, Stouffs A, Quenon L, Mouraux A, Huart C



Olfactory dysfunction predicts frailty and poor postoperative outcome in older patients scheduled for elective non-cardiac surgery

J Nutr Health Aging

Van Regemorter V, Dollase J, Coulie R, Stouffs AD, de Saint-Hubert M, Mouraux A, Huart C.

in press.

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