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Athanasia Moungou - former PhD student (ITN Prototouch)

Group : 

André Mouraux


The aim of this PhD project was be to develop a new approach to isolate and characterize the cortical activity elicited by the mechanical interactions between the contacting finger pad and tactile displays. Using such stimuli, we will use high-density electroencephalography (EEG) to sample, non-invasively, the cortical activity elicited by mechanotransduction of the finger pad interactions with the tactile displays. Specifically, I developped a new technique based on the recording of steady-state evoked potentials (SS-EPs) to study the cortical processes underlying the perception of complex fine-grained textures.



EEG frequency tagging to explore the cortical activity related to the tactile exploration of natural textures

Nature : Scientific Reports

Moungou A, Thonnard JL, Mouraux A.



A novel method using EEG to characterize the cortical processes involved in active and passive touch

IEEE Haptics Symposium

Moungou A, Thonnard JL, Mouraux A.

IEEE - Haptic Symposium 2016, Apr 2016, Philadelphia, United States



Using EEG (SS-EPs) to characterize the brain activity in response to textured stimuli in passive touch

IEEE World Haptics Conference

Moungou A, Thonnard JL, Mouraux A.

7177700: 113-118

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