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Marjolein Leerink - former research assistant

Group : 

André Mouraux


The objective of my research project was to characterize, in humand and animals, the effects on nociception of a high-concentration topical application of capsicum extracts.



Bilateral tactile hypersensitivity and neuroimmune responses after spared nerve injury in mice lacking vasoactive intestinal peptide

Experimental Neurology

Gallo A, Leerink M, Michot B, Ahmed E, Forget P, Mouraux A, Hermans E.



Feasibility of Topical Applications of Natural High-Concentration Capsaicinoid Solutions in Patients with Peripheral Neuropathic Pain: A Retrospective Analysis

Pain Research and Management

Bauchy F, Mouraux A, Deumens R, Leerink M, Ulpiano Trillig A, le Polain de Waroux B, Steyaert A, Quetin-Leclercq J, Forget P.

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