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Camille Vanderclausen - former PhD student

Group : 

Valéry Legrain


My research project aimed to investigate how visual experience influences the perception of nociceptive stimuli and pain. More specifically, I compared the cognitive abilities of people with congenital blindness and those of normal sighted people to localize nociceptive stimuli on the body space



Letter on the pain of blind people for the use of those who can see their pain


Legrain V, Filbrich L, Vanderclausen C.

in press.


No evidence for an effect of the distance between the hands on tactile temporal order judgments


Manfron L, Vanderclausen C, Legrain V.

in press.


Testing the exteroceptive function of nociception: the role of visual experience in shaping the spatial representations of nociceptive inputs


Vanderclausen C, Bourgois M, De Volder A, Legrain V.

in press.


The influence of visual experience and cognitive goals on the spatial representations of nociceptive stimuli


Vanderclausen C, Manfron L, De Volder A, Legrain V.

in press.


Report of one confirmed generalized seizure and one suspected partial seizure induced by deep continuous theta burst stimulation of the right operculo-insular cortex

Brain Stimulationation

Lenoir C*, Algoet M*, Vanderclausen C, Peeters A, Ferrao Santos S, Mouraux A.

in press.


Investigating peri-limb interaction between nociception and vision using spatial depth

Neuroscience Letters

Vanderclausen C, Filbrich L, Alamia A, Legrain V.

in press.


Using temporal order judgments to investigate attention bias towards pain and threat-related information. Methodological and theoretical issues

Consciousness and Cognition

Filbrich L, Torta DM, Vanderclausen C, Azanon E, Legrain V.

in press.

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