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Delia Della Porta - PhD student (FNRS PDR)

Group : 

Valéry Legrain


Sensitization is a process that consists in amplifying the response to pain consecutive to the repetition of the noxious stimulation. Sensitization is thought to play a role in the development of chronic pain. On the other side, psychological factors are known to modulate the experience of pain and are also suggested to play a role in the development and the maintenance of chronic pain. It is therefore hypothesized that cognitive factors such as attention could influence the risk of chronic pain by modulating the strength and the extent of sensitization. My project aims at observing in healthy volunteers the impact of attention on a lab model of sensitization of the central nervous system consecutive to repeated experimentally-induced painful electrical stimuli.



No evidence for an effect of selective spatial attention on the development of secondary hyperalgesia: a replication study

Front Hum Neurosci

Della Porta D, Vila ML, Kuzminova A, Filbrich L, Mouraux A, Legrain V.

in press.

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